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North Houston Custom Signs


When it comes to making your business stand out, you will need signage that is unique from your competition. Are you wondering where you can get custom signs that will help your business reach its goals? In North Houston, La Signa Graphics is the best company to reach out to.

custom outdoor building signs

La Signa Graphics is a trustworthy North Houston, TX sign company specializing in custom signage elements that match any specification and design.

From banners to vinyl graphics either for personal or business use, we have the best team, tools, and resources to produce them efficiently. Once installed, our custom signs will definitely catch the attention of your target audience.

We also make sure that your investment in our North Houston custom signs would give you opportunities to boost your business further.

What’s more, we also use high-quality materials and offer our services at affordable rates so that anyone can get the best custom signs for their specific application.

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Stand Out With Unique Signage

If you want your business to flourish, getting a custom sign will help you achieve your goals easily. At La Signa Graphics, we understand how crucial it is to have unique signs so that your brand will stand out from your competition. This is why we provide attractive and high-quality custom signage at affordable rates and match them with the brand of our clients.

Our experts are trained to design any sign imaginable based on the information our clients provide to us. Once we have all the necessary information to make a base draft, we will do it in the style you want and show the draft for your approval. If you want to request some amendments, we can easily adjust the design to your updated specifications until you give us the go signal to make it a reality.

Designed For Your Brand & Business

attractive custom lobby signage

With a customized sign, you eliminate the possibility of people confusing your brand with something else. It makes your business recognizable as the leader in your industry, someone potential customers must check out. Once you apply your new custom signage throughout your branding and marketing strategy, it displays a sense of professionalism and brand unity that will inspire loyalty among your customers.

No matter what industry you’rein or how big your business is, you can be assured that La Signa Graphics can provide you with the perfect, personalized, and customized signage elements you need for your business. We can even guide you through all the various options available for custom signs and determine which ones will be perfect for your needs and where to place them.

Here are some examples of the custom signs we create:

Whether you request indoor or outdoor signs, we customize them to fit your needs, location, and technical specifications. We can make custom signs that are small for those which come in varieties; thanks to our trained, talented team and our in-house equipment. If you want people to know your brand personality immediately, your custom sign designed by La Signa Graphics will do the trick.

Our Custom Sign Process

Custom Tradeshow Display

When doing North Houston custom signs for our clients, we make sure that you are guided in every step of the process. This ensures that you get signs that will introduce your brand to the public and help them recall your brand better. During the free consultation process, we will ask you all the key information that we can use to design your sign, such as your brand, location, and business goals.

Once we have a specific design in mind, we will draft it for you so you can see and approve it. If you see any errors, we will edit it based on your requests for free. If the design is approved for fabrication, we will send the it to our in-house sign manufacturers. They will use high-quality and durable materials from reliable suppliers to make your sign. A quality check will also be done as the sign is being fabricated to ensure that it is printed accordingly and that all of the installation pieces are included.

When the sign is ready, our installers will bring it to your location and install it in the place where it will make the best impression. We can also help you maintain your sign or repair it so that it continues to help your business.

Free Custom Sign Consultation

La Signa Graphics logoWhen you need the best North Houston custom signs for your business, you won’t go wrong with calling us at La Signa Graphics.

Whether you need simple custom signs or complex ones, we can design them for you with ease and guarantee that you will get more visibility for your brand once the signs are in your business space.

Call La Signa Graphics at 832-702-3630 for your Free Consultation!